Electrical Inspection & Testing

Experience has shown that stage lighting and audio systems, especially within educational establishments, have in the past been modified and repaired by well-meaning individuals with limited electrical and mechanical knowledge. These performance areas are high risk and without thorough inspection and testing there is potential risk to staff, students and the public.

Every five years venues complete their five yearly electrical inspection and test of their sites. In nearly every instance we have found that the main electrical contractor only tests the electrical supply to the stage lighting dimmers and goes no further. Therefore these systems often get missed out on this routine test. Specialist experienced contractors who understand these complex systems are required to undertake this additional work.

When using our service it will not only help you comply with your duties under the Electricity at Work Act but preventative maintenance will provide you with a reliable, frustration free system and will extend the life of your equipment.

We will provide appropriate NICEIC certification, CAD drawings where applicable, venue asset registers and we can also assist in the completion of the venue risk assessments. 

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to prepare a dedicated service program.