Frequently Asked Questions

We often get asked the same questions, so here are a few, however please email us if you have any other general questions.

Question – How often do we need to test and inspect the fixed installation part of the theatre lighting system?

Answer – This mainly depends on the type of venue, its use and licensing status. Most licensed venues require annual inspection and testing whereas educational establishments can be tested and inspected every five years. However, given the nature of educational establishments with the change of staff and yearly change around of students, it would be wise to undertake more regular interim visual and functional inspections. We offer this service or we can advise and train a competent person to undertake this more regularly. A site specific risk assessment should be completed which we can assist in.

Question – How often do we need to PAT test stage lanterns and audio visual equipment?

Answer – The new fourth edition of the IET Code of Practice for In Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment has now been released. It emphasizes the need for maintenance regimes to be based on a more focused and robust approach to assessing the risks posed by appliances. In other words there is not now a fixed interval for PAT testing and the testing interval should be reviewed by the duty holder on a regular basis after assessing the risks associated with the use of the appliance. We promote this change as for many years we have returned to the same establishments to take down, test and re-hang stage lanterns which have not been handled or moved for the entire previous year and testing fatigue starts to show. This is not to say that one year the lanterns are damaged but external contractors working on the ceiling or a number of touring companies start using the venue, this is where the duty holder needs to assess the risks. Therefore regular visual inspections should be undertaken by a competent person. We can assist in the preparation of a site specific risk assessment.

Question – Why can’t my normal PAT testing company inspect the entertainment equipment?

Answer – The PAT testing procedure and equipment is the same for the tests however the majority of their testing is in low risk environments. Entertainment equipment has its own inherent complexities and are used in a high risk environment. Specialist knowledge and experience is required when inspecting this equipment.

Question – Why should we use Otago Blue Ltd to inspect and test our equipment?

Answer – We would recommend that you use a specialist company that understands the special requirements of these installations. We are a small team with a wealth of knowledge and experience. You will see the same engineers year after year and they get to know you and your systems and equipment personally and are available to offer free advice and technical help. We pride ourselves in our work which has led to our excellent reputation.