Maintenance & Repair

We undertake repairs and maintenance on site or in our workshops by engineers who have a wealth of experience and knowledge and have undertaken various manufacturers service centre training.

We have access to approved spare parts for the majority of products and supply new spare parts from the industry’s major manufacturers including ETC, Strand and Zero 88 .

We also have a philosophy to maintain existing equipment where possible and we do not like seeing perfectly good equipment being thrown away because it is old. We keep a stock of old second hand and obsolete spares for older equipment. Please visit for further information or give us a call to discuss.

Should old equipment be repaired?
All too often venues are advised to replace old and broken equipment when with the right knowledge they can often be repaired. We will advise when equipment is not cost effective to repair. However, given regular maintenance, we are still proud to be looking after working equipment from the 1970’s and can offer refurbishment of older lanterns.

What makes us different?
Where equipment cannot be removed for repair our site engineers will visit your venue where we will aim to repair your fixed equipment. We carry a range of spares but as much information and history of the fault is always valuable. 

Whom we support?
We collect older equipment which is used as donor parts to keep obsolete lanterns and equipment going. However, when it is not commercially viable to upkeep older equipment we actively support a newly formed electro-mechanical museum to help preserve some of the technological advances in the twentieth century. Visit the online museum here. If you have any older equipment that is no longer required then contact us as it may complement some of the existing exhibits.