Service & PAT Testing

Why should you PAT test:

The majority of requests we have for PAT testing is for stage lanterns so that venues can meet their legal obligations. This is normally due to the fact that the site testing company will not do this work as the equipment has the wrong type of plugs on them. We however strongly believe that due to the inherent risks associated with stage lanterns that a service is also a necessity and should be completed by a competent person with detailed knowledge of this equipment. The IET Code of Practice for In Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment requires a thorough visual inspection which normally picks up most of the faults before the unit comes anywhere near a tester.

What we do:

Our thorough visual inspection is undertaken during the serviceĀ of the lantern both inside and out checking both the mechanical assembly and electrical wiring. The lantern is then cleaned with special attention to the optics. A full PAT test follows with a functional check of adjustable parts of the lantern. The asset list and results are electronically completed. This takes time, care and attention to detail.

We do not offer just a PAT test of stage lanterns which is only valid for that moment in time. Our service will pre-empt future problems, prolong the life, efficiency, reliability and safety of your equipment. This is a necessity when working with theatre lanterns at height.

We also offer PAT test and functional testing of audio and video equipment as either individual units or in equipment racks. Our knowledgeable engineers will disconnect interconnecting cables required for testing and then re-connect and functionally test the systems for correct operation.

For the majority of our clients this service is carried out on site or alternatively equipment can be serviced and tested in our workshops. On site this work is undertaken at floor level so the client can either arrange for the equipment to be easily accessible or we offer a service where we de-rig, service, test and re-hang the lanterns. If you give us a layout we can even rig them for your next show so all you have to do is focus the units.

What makes us different:

We carry a vast range of equipment spares and consumables which enables us to undertake onsite repairs at an agreed additional cost to try and avoid unnecessary return visits or delivery charges at a later date.